Watch Greville teach a GroovyKids™ Yoga class 

Kids move and learn and grow with this 50 minutes well rounded yoga for kids routine called GroovyKids yoga created by Greville Henwood. Increase kids focus, concentration, strength and balance by moving. Help grow their confidence and awareness by providing a non-judgemental and competition free and safe environment where the children are allowed to be children and express themselves.
— GroovyKids Yoga

NAMASTE, and welcome to class today...

 Janine Friedli


Children learn through play. This is true not only for yoga exercises, but also for other areas of life. A children's yoga class should therefore be an adventure that is experienced with all your senses. Children do not practice yoga, they are the dog, tree, warrior, butterfly, we just show. The imagination knows no limits and we explore a variety of concepts from ecology, biology, anatomy, geography, etc .. Children are naturally curious and enjoy learning while moving. 

My Groovykids Yoga Class is taught on Wednesdays at 14:00 clock One Training Center Rotkreuz

I am a mother of 2 children (6 and 9 years) and have been teaching for years with much joy Group fitness sessions, Vinyasa Power Yoga, Kids Yoga, Body Pump and GRIT Plyo. Yoga is for me lightness, agility, joy and peace. Time and space for myself! Be entirely up to me! “To be” simply can!
— Janine

Marit Kristine Torsdatter Stinessen

Marit Kristine Torsdatter Stinessen has been practicing and teaching for over 7 years. She is a devoted mom of 2 and has completed and assisted the GroovyKids® Yoga Teacher Trainings in Oslo. Marit owns the best Yoga Studio in Ålesund! Classes every Wednesday at YAMYOGA

4-5 yr olds  1700-1740      6-8 yr olds  1800-1845      9-11 yr olds 1900-1950

I like the total absence of competition or ambition in yoga. The marvelous paradox; It is only when I accept myself as I am that change can come. Yam is the heart mantra. Yoga is close to my heart. Yam Yoga is from my heart”
— Marit

Mel Craven

Mel Craven is an Australian Social Worker with a passion for strengthening families and creating community. Mel has set up a community space for people of all ages to come together to practice yoga in Al Ain, known as The Blue Lotus Tree. In addition to GroovyKids Yoga Mel is a Baby Yoga and Baby Massage Instructor.

Every wednesday at The Blue Lotus Tree.           Contact:

I see so many benefits from teaching yoga to children. It not only assists with their physical development, but has flow on affects for their emotional and mental health as well. Yoga leads to calmer and happier children giving them great coping tools for life
— Mel

Shinobu Terasaki

I am excited to bringGroovyKids Yoga classes to Tokyo! Starting April 1, 2015.
— Shinobu

Shinobu Terasaki is a dedicated mother of 2 who loves teaching kids. She loves yoga and it’s calming qualities and is always happy to share her joy. 

Mondays 14.40-15.30 and 15.40-16.30 in Nishioi :Shinagawa Nishioi 6-18-14 New Ujihara building B1F Uni STUDIO   Wednesdays 14.40-15.30 and 15.40-16.30 in Magome : Ota Kitamagome 2-4-1 TM Building 1F Capoeira Zoador Academy (capoeira Zoar Doll Academy) 


Danielle Heron 

As a certified and experienced Early Years Educator and Occupational Therapist, I’m extremely passionate about physical activity for learning. Therefore, the GroovyKids motto of ‘move to learn to grow’ fits naturally with my own personal philosophy of learning and development. As a yogini myself, I aspire to bring to joys and benefits of yoga to children from a very early age, for a healthy and happy start in life
— Dani

Dani helps co-ordinate classes for GroovyKids Yoga in Dubai and if she can’t teach the class, she’ll find a GroovyKids graduate who can. Dani also offers private classes, as well as group and family classes. And don’t forget birthday parties!   Wednesdays 330pm (3-6yrs) and 440pm (7+)   Saturdays:  10.30am & 11.30am, SurfDubai, Villa 110, Al Soon Street, Beachside, UmmSuqeim  Link = 

Contact:   phone:  +971 505091496

e-mail :


Aisha Bubshait


Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.
— B.K.S Iyengar

Aisha added GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training to her 200 hr RYT in 2015 and her motto;  "Approach your mat with love, it's ok to fall, you'll end up flying one day" echoes perfectly GroovyKids™ Yoga philosophy. Her classes are a great addition to Bahrain's foremost Yoga Studio, Namaste Bahrain.

Saturdays starting January 23rd from 10-11am.



I spent the last decade trying to control children when teaching them Dance. Greville taught me how to let the children express themselves, develop and roll with it. This approach was totally new to me and I will never go back to my old ways. My business and teaching went from strength to strength
— Gemma

Gemma is our English Rose and has been working with children for over 20 years. She LOVES the Groovy Kids Yoga way and adores being around children! She ran her own Dance School in Europe and has taught GroovyKids Yoga & Dance in various public & private schools all over the world. She was totally enlightened when she went on the GroovyKids Yoga Instructor Course. She teacher at Studio Pulse on Saturdays at 9:00 Am.


Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.59.16 PM.png

Catherine Campbell

Meet Catherine Campbell! She teaches GroovyKids Yoga in two locations in Bahrain. She is a qualified early childhood educator having completed my teaching
diploma and registration in New Zealand in 1995. Since the she has taught inNew Zealand, Europe and the Middle East in between raising her three beautiful children. She is also trained in therapeutic massage and children’s yoga. She teaches at various locations: 
At Nirvana Lounge, Al Janabiya:   For ages 3-6:   Mondays 4:00-4:45pm,   For ages 7-11  Mondays 5:00-5:45pm      Registration at (+973) 3697444 or 36556558    

At Saar Avenue Villa 126, Road 15, Block 529:   For ages 3-6:  Tuesdays 3:30pm-4:15pm and  Saturdays 9:00-945am,   For ages 7-11: Tuesdays  4:30pm-5:15pm and Saturdays 10:00-1045am.    Registration required. Telephone (+973) 77060777

GroovyKids Yoga is a natural extension to my education background and my deep interest in human health and well-being, particularly children.
There is no doubt that we are all becoming much more proactive about our health and well-being, and I truly believe that activities such as Kids yoga
play an important part in preparing our little ones for their lives ahead

— Catherine

Nancy White

Nancy White has been teaching GroovyKids for almost two years, She moved from New Jersey to the eastern most tip of Canada and brought her love of teaching kids yoga with her. She also teaches adults too.

Nancy teaches on Tuesdays, 3.45pm-430pm at Placentia Power Yoga, Placentia Mall, Placentia, Newfoundland and Labrador A0B, Canada.   Phone : 1-709-699-9642



Gemma teaches on Fridays at 4pm at the  Anasa Community Wellness, Kefallinias 15 8027, Paphos, Cyprus




Natasha teaches on Mondays, at 5:30pm at Lessons and Songs, Street Christos Keli 1 5  Strovolos – 2014, Nicosia                  Phone:  96790957      email


Patty Murray

Patty loves kids and yoga and is excited to be able to offer her GroovyKids Yoga classes in beautiful Harwich, Mass every Saturday morning. She is dedicated to improving kids lives! -Patty 

Patty loves kids and yoga and is excited to be able to offer her GroovyKids Yoga classes in beautiful Harwich, Mass every Saturday morning. She is dedicated to improving kids lives! -Patty 

Patty loves kids and yoga and is excited to be able to offer her GroovyKids Yoga classes in beautiful Harwich, Mass every Saturday morning. She is dedicated to improving kids lives!