Every Kid is Groovy!

Every Kid is Groovy. 

It’s a bold statement!

It means they are all groovy, without exception. There are no asterisks! 

While it's possible that kids may not always do groovy things, it must be that every kid is groovy. For evidence we can offer only this. The sun shines it's light equally on everyone, regardless of age, weight, height, health, skin color, educational accomplishments...the sun shines equally on everyone. 

Montana kids

This is difficult for adults to grasp. They knew it when they were kids, but slowly life intervened and now the only time they really think every kid is groovy is when they are teaching a GroovyKids Yoga class!

Things that groovy kids do.

1.     They smile often and much.

2.     They help their parents or whoever needs it.

3.     They love to dance and don’t have to be good at it

That’s just a few!

We remind our teachers of this often and much.

If we change the way we think we will change the world. We’ve heard the Dalai Lama say it and we’ve heard Gandhi say it.

And we agree! Every kid is put together with atoms and molecules and neurons and protons….there’s no exception.

At GroovyKids™ Yoga we are 100% committed to teaching this. Kids love yoga, kids love moving.  Yoga for kids is a fabulous idea. It will change the future from whatever it will be without our help to something brighter.


GroovyKids™ Yoga Teacher Training doesn’t limit itself to teaching kids yoga. We teach how to be fully present. Even when the kids aren’t doing groovy things.

Yoga is synthesis!  We work together, just like all these kids here! Whether it's Nepal, America, Japan, or wherever you can think of. 

Every kid is groovy.