Japan we love you!

Nihon wa, daisuki!


Our fifth trip to the wonderful Japan has come to an end but like all the previous ones it’s already led to new beginnings.

After four fun filled days in Tokyo with 2 Level 1 and 2 trainings, we headed south to the island of Kyushu for our second trip to Fukuoka.


We dug deep into our thoughts and wishes, explored the way we think and what our impulses are, and applied it all to offer the kids two classes, to everyone’s deligh 


The kids demonstrated as ever the way to really enjoy yoga. Nothing is as serious as a child at play!  And for the graduates too, we realized of course it’s more about life than Kids yoga. We shared personal growth, personal stories and we shared a pizza.


If you want to see more photos, click here for a link to the Facebook event page.


In between we dropped in to visit some old friends in Shimoda, at the scene of the very first GroovyKids Yoga TT in 2006. We brought with us Kanako Tachikawa from those graduates, and she assisted us in Tokyo. And we met up again with Dan, who was in the first international GroovyKids Yoga class all those years ago. See how much he’s grown, he’s taller than me now!

We began the 3 20hour Teacher Trainings in Tokyo once again at our friends BMS-R Lab in Gotanda. For the third year in a row, we experienced a real devotion to the art of teaching GroovyKids Yoga. After studying hard, listening to the lectures, running around like dolphins and octopi, we invited the kids in and went through the GroovyKids Yoga Flow, exactly as it is in the GroovyKids Yoga Show, available here through Amazon.com



Here’s a link to the Facebook Event page for the Tokyo GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training held on August 29-30.




And here’s a link for the September 8-9 GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training.




In between we stopped into our old friend Hyo Ja Hong’s International Preschool in Kobe and gave the training literally in the classroom. In a first for Greville Henwood, the GroovyKids Yoga Founder, a yoga class spontaneously broke out amongst a nursery school class and the teachers were as amazed at we were that they kept going for 45 minutes! We think that everyone slept well that night

After our training in Osaka was cancelled we dropped in for a couple of classes to let people in Osaka know that we missed them! The classes were well attended and we also met some new friends in Osaka!

And then back to the tropics of Tokyo for the second of our TT’s, where once more we dived into the raging typhoon and swam to the shores of Gotanda before flying off to Fukuoka. And now, back in Los Angeles, for a few days longer.

See you next week!

If you’re in Oslo, at least!


So we won’t say “sayounara”, but rather “mata ne”, because we know you’ll see us again.


Thanks Japan!