Dubai welcomes GroovyKids Yoga again for a third sold out weekend of Teacher Trainings

Dubai reminds us of home. There’s palm trees and a sparkling body of water on one side. It’s full of bright colors and cosmopolitan faces. It’s beginning to feel like home too. We were invited back for a third time in just fourteen months by our friend Noura from Yogalatesblissindubai and she sold out the GroovyKids Yoga  teacher training once again. 

Teachers 3/2015


Faces from as far away as  New Zealand and Northern Ireland, Iran and Scotland, Saudi Arabia, England, Russia and Canada came to welcome us and listen to our lectures, play games with us and generally have a good time, it was truly a broad spectrum of philosophy, cultural identity and individual experience. The kids as ever responded in the kids yoga class we offer for observation,  one young lady's mom whispered to us how she wouldn't go upside down and then watched as she ran back and forth between mom and wall to show her newfound joy at being upside down. As ever, the wall work gives us a chance to empower the kids while of being completely non competitive. 

Recipe for GroovyKds™ Yoga class.

1. Take a huge cup of Extra positivity and mix in several large dollops of fun. Blend then add a load of kids and a generous helping of movement of the fast and speedy variety. Add a big glob of non competitive and you are ready to present a GroovyKids™ Yoga class, served chilled, but never on the rocks. We shouldn't want to fall off. 

With our Level 2 training we put the emphasis on how to free up the mind enough to allow different thinking, and how to use yoga language in our modern setting; and it’s a great joy to see and hear everyone’s unique experience of something universal, i.e. growing up! We use universal language to join people, and they responded as ever in the training.  People of all ages love to laugh and we love to encourage them. Universal language number one!

Movement, pure and simple, is another universal language. It doesn’t require words. In fact, they get in the way. 


This time we enjoyed watching Dani Heron as she showed the students how she has taken the core values, our 7 Keys, and integrated them into her teaching. It made a big impact on moms too, Cheryl Parsons, a graduate of the weekend was moved by what she saw and experienced and wrote a lovely blog you can read at

And…we’ve been invited back again for another visit.  Book soon! We sell out!