GroovyKids Yoga brings laughter, joy and love to the children and adults in Switzerland in the form of YOGA

March 20th, 2015 was such a perfect time for GroovyKids®Yoga to get invited back to the beautiful and inspiring Baar in Switzerland because there was coincidentally a solar eclipse in the morning  when the training had just begun. So naturally, we did what curious children excited about life would do. Take a break to watch the moon cover the sun in an spectacular way and taking it all in as a good omen. We filmed a bit of it .. so take a look here    Lucky us! 



This training was the second Groovy Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Switzerland; we had all sorts of participants from yoga and school teachers and basically anyone who wants to work with children. Everyone was so welcoming and greeted us with lots of smiles and hugs, which are the international symbols of WELCOME! no need to speak any German here. So the training began with lots of enthusiastic participation and discussion, play, games and hands on interactive classes with kids. We were delighted to see the difference and the similarities between the trainings in other countries vs. Baan Switzerland. 

GroovyKids Yoga was founded in 2005 and since then has taught thousands of kids and over 500 teachers worldwide have graduated the program. We teach joy, expression, love of movement and stillness with equality.
— Greville Henwood

The future teachers of Groovykids® yoga everywhere around the world are all intrigued by the way kids  think and act and can draw quick references to what their childhood was like and how their teachings when they were kids, had an effect on who they are now. The difference  is, of course, in the education system and the culture in which they were brought up. Some are more ready to accept the non-competitive, non-judgmental and all accepting ways of Groovykids and for some, it takes a little longer but makes a bigger impact. In Switzerland, the current yoga teachers and school teachers that were participating  understood the deeper meaning of yoga and demonstrated that the poses are not the end all be all of a yoga class; what is really important is the way of interacting with the kids so that they feel truly loved and accepted for who they are and what they can or can not do in a yoga class. We invited the children to participate in class after practicing the concepts of the sequencing in GroovyKids yoga and had a blast; for 45 minutes, we were glad to provide a joyful and fun and playful environment for the kids in which the kids can get to express themselves fully. Jump forward! Jump back!! and finally stand on your hands ( which kids think is really cool by the way.)

We had both level trainings this time in Switzerland.

Level 1 Teacher Training is a 10 hour course which includes a discussion about the different approaches to teaching Kids anything, the LOGIC behind each approach and it’s effectiveness in different settings, be it in a dedicated yoga studio, a school, a small group class in a private home or even individual private classes.

Level 2 GroovyKids® Yoga Teacher Training is designed for the teacher who’s already completed the Level 1 training or who has already had experience teaching kids yoga. We discuss the ways that children of different ages learn as this changes considerably between the age groups. Traditionally the age groups are split up 3-6 and 7-11, so we aim to inform the teacher how kids think differently at each age. This is important in keeping a child’s mind occupied, perhaps the main challenge in teaching kids anything. 


This training was organized by Janine Friedli who already offers GroovyKids Yoga classes in her Yoga Studio called The Swiss Yogini. She has two children herself who relentlessly practice yoga with her and with themselves  ( and they are adorable to watch during partner yoga ) . So check out the classes  with your children the next time you are in Switzerland.