GroovyKids teacher children how to be present!

Ever notice suddenly that you’ve been “in your head”? So deep in thought, usually distracted, and then you realize you’re mentally in one place but physically somewhere else?

Come back to the present! Easy to say, harder to do.

Many years ago we found ourselves in Mexico with a close friend who was one of the most famous people in the world. Wherever he went, people knew his face. He told us a funny story about how he deals with people who are “star-struck”. He described how their eyes glaze slightly as if losing focus on the present. As if their “vision” of you was stronger than what was actually happening in the moment. He told us that when they check out mentally he would say some slightly outrageous things, getting more outrageous until the person snapped back to the present.

Kids are endlessly creative, and want more than anything to join in, to feel like they belong and are welcome. When that happens, children open up and blossom. When it doesn’t, they find ways, sometimes by saying outrageous things, sometimes by forcing an adult’s attention.

It’s simple. Kids are fiercely present. Adults, not so.

GroovyKids Yoga teaches ways to be present!

Everyone knows that movement is a fast and positive way to change your mood. Moving with kids is different than moving with adults, because kids relax the rules. And that’s a very good thing!

Because kids love more than anything to imitate, doing yoga with kids can be a lot of fun. It’s also a terrific way to learn something about yourself!

Doing yoga with kids can be liberating for everyone, but we adults have to remind ourselves of a few important tips!

  1. Yoga is not about being the right shape.
  2. It involves lots of movement.
  3. It’s not a competition.
  4. Be present!

At GroovyKids® Yoga we invite the children to show us their pose, to express themselves in whatever way they want to in that moment. All trees are different!

So even if it’s only 5 minutes, jump into some yoga with kids! Your downward dog might have a longer tail and be fluffier, but they’re all downward dogs!

And when you’re all done jumping around and moving fast, sit down and sit still for a minute or two.

Don’t forget to thank the kids!