GroovyKids™ Yoga in schools? Yes please!

More and more recent studies are coming to the same conclusions.

Sitting still in a classroom is not helping kids learn. 

Here's what the Washington Post had to say about it.

When children are active in the classroom, their grades improve.

Even if they're not following a formal program, such as a GroovyKids™ Yoga class, whether it be the downloadable version or an actual live teacher. Their grades improve. And that's the point of school, isn't it? 


Yes, but not the only point. 

We prefer to imagine that a school could be a place of effortless learning, an institution built around the ideas of enhancing a child's ability to think for themselves. Something that when kids look back at their education, they do so with a glowing heart. 

Sounds fantastic, right? A little different than being stuck behind a desk all day, the only activity being to raise a hand when you have the answer to a question, not arrived at through conscious working out of a problem, but just a learned repetition, recitation that robs the child's mind of opportunities to blossom. 

Here's what the National Education Authority in the US said about it.

Enforced learning, or enforced anything isn't ultimately helpful to a child's mind. Nor is being made to sit in one spot for hours on end. 

GroovyKids Yoga changes all that! it offers the kids a 30-60 minute full range of motion workout. 

We heard a discussion in Denmark about the Education System considering the possibilities of having 45 minutes of movement incorporated into daily life at school, and you can be certain that the studies played a  part. If the educators are at a loss for an ideal activity, recommend yoga to them! Even better, GroovyKids Yoga. With a license to teach GroovyKids Yoga, armed with inspiration and enthusiasm, you can bring Yoga into your classroom anytime you choose once you have the confidence. 

And it's healthier for your entire body and mind. 

Yoga. GroovyKids Yoga. 

Here's a class from Tokyo showing us they don't need mats, yoga clothes or previous knowledge of yoga to have themselves a whole load of fun!

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